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Ice Fishing

  • Hardwater  fishing  can be overwhelming but when mastered its very rewarding.
  • Simple light weight equipment goes a long ways on the ice.
  • Overcome the wrath of winter with the proper clothing and footwear


  • Trout may be picky but with the right bait or lure you can understand why they are one of North Americas most popular game fish.
  • The most simple tactics for trout are sometimes the best

Rivers/ Streams

  • An overlooked river is often your worst mistake. 
  • Instead of making a river or stream your last choice when deciding where to fish consider making it your first you wont be disappointed
  • Fish in rivers are abundant and in many cases a lot bigger!

Kayak Benefits

If you are thinking about purchasing a kayak and just haven't pulled the trigger yet, Read this short article and hopefully I can push you over that edge. Kayak Fishing is unlike any other, whether on a lake or on the river. Granted you aren't going to paddle a kayak...

The Ice Auger

Oh the Ice auger, the one tool that is a must when traveling out onto the ice. It can make your day or ruin your day. I think when most folks think of the ice auger they either think of the hand auger or those old Jiffys that you can hear miles away. Ice augers have...

The Great Fall Walleye Bite

Autumn is here and many folks across the US and Canada have their mind on hunting season and college football. Many of you are either chasing Bucks or Ducks. Personally I grew up spending my Saturdays with my dad in the sloughs and prairies, duck or pheasant hunting...

Ice Fishing


Rivers/ Streams

Lakes/ Ponds

  • Deeper is not always better
  • Know your lake and its Characteristics and you wont be disappointed 
  • Bring home supper by understanding a lakes current
  • They say dogs are a mans best friend I say submerged vegetation is a mans best friend

Kayaks/ Canoes

  • Kayaks can get you places no other vessel can get you
  • Bring the family together be taking out a canoe and casting a line
  • Kayaks are by far the cheapest fun you can buy and use over and over. 
  • Make memories with the spouse while catching tonight’s fillets. 

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